Keith Rodri

Salutations! I enjoy creating unique experiences, problem solving, and breaking norms. Details are important, and craft should not be neglected. I'm always curious about new things, and I'm always learning to stay ahead of the game.

If you need help taking your business to the next step, or want a creative consultant to push you in the right direction, I'm a great fit. Being creative and technical, I know how to conceptualize and execute. Email me your brand's goals and let's work together to achieve them!


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The brothers behind RYDA, a retail development group, wanted a brand that was as loud as their ambitions. We worked with them to develop a thorough identity including: multiple logo lockups, print collateral, brand guidelines, and web designs. Having a strong connection to their city, Los Angeles, we used a piercing Dodger-inspired blue as a pop of color. The end result was a strong brand that the brothers were proud to represent.

Designed & Developed @ CheshireBeane

Above: logo comps pitched early in the design process. During the discovery phase, we learned the importance of family the brothers had held. Wanting something to allude to this, the lion mark was conceptualized. Lions had been a symbolic representation in their family for years, and this contemporary rendition was the homage they were looking for.

Below: Booklets showcasing their retail properties, letterheads, and other print collateral was a necessity in conveying the level of expertise RYDA possessed in a competitive industry.

Portland Aerial Tram

PDX Aerial Tram
10th Anniversary Refresh

We were eager to work on a brand refresh for the 10th anniversary of the Portland Aerial Tram. These are some of the designs we pitched.

The tram consists of two cabins that take commuters on a 4 minute trip from OHSU to the SW Moody & Gibbs intersection, a 500 foot difference in elevation. One of the many cool landmarks Portland has to offer.

Designed @ CheshireBeane