Lion Heart Coffee

Event Slider

Sliders are a good way to display groups of information without taking up too much vertical space. We developed a small event system to help Lion Heart build a community of coffee lovers. This sped-up screen grab shows how easy it is to showcase multiple events on a phone’s small screen.

Visual Back-End

There’s no need to tinker with code. By using visual backend editors, you can focus on adding content to your site, without the worry of breaking anything. Based off the individual needs of a page or post-type, I’ll develop a series of input fields and checkboxes for easy editing. This example shows how new Featured Roasts cards are created for Lion Heart.

Code View

This is what you do not have to deal with. It's the code behind the Featured Roast card template. Using the visual back-end editor, your content neatly populates where it's supposed to, for beautifully simple updates.

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