Keith Rodri

Design, Illustration, Web

Salutations! I enjoy pushing pixels, problem solving, and long strolls on the web. I am a curious creative with an array of skillsets. Check out the projects below or filter by category if you’re feeling particular -- and please, no loitering by the exists during business hours.

Animal Marks

Animal Marks

A collection of animal marks and illustrations I’ve worked on over the years for various stuffs. Whether for passion projects or practice, it’s always a blast to add some graphic illustration into the workflow. I’ll add more examples in the near future.

Drift Monkey

Creative Challenge! You and a friend come up with a random word each. Don’t over think it, just choose something. Write them down on pieces of paper and reveal. Now make something that represents both words. I like to do this with my creative friends when we aren’t exhausted from arting all week. This racing monkey mark is the outcome of the words “drift” & “monkey”.



An illustration I later screen printed. I'll update this post with photos of the poster.

TV Programming

Programming will Resume Momentarily

As a programming study, I developed a simple game base around trying to guess the channel that had a signal. Not that thrilling to play, but learning php functions & javascript animation was worth the development budget! I went with a pixel art style to quickly animate the different tv channels. From Al Roker’s morning weather reports to the curiosities of Animal Planet’s “wilder” side, each channel represents a 90’s television classic.

Halloween Grams

Social media illustration teasers get followers excited for Halloween festivities. Fun, seasonal posts like these boost engagement more effectively than posting the same content all year around.

Digi Painting